Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy A FN 509

FN 509

I’ve been a fan of the FN 509 Series of pistols and now I’m going to give you 5 reasons why if you’re going to buy an FN pistol it should be the 509.

Reason Number 1: The FN 509 Tactical

IF you were going to buy a gun that was exclusively dedicated to Home Defense and the gun had to be an FN, you’d be an IDIOT to not make it the FN 509 Tactical. Everything thing you need and everything you want is on this gun.

You want a suppressor, It has a threaded barrel. You want to be a Tactical hipster and have some high-speed low drag Micro Red Dot like the Delta-Point Pro on your home defense handgun, it has FN’s Low-Profile Optics Mounting System™.

If you’re one of those kill Joy pessimist and have an uncle named Murphy, the 509 tactical has suppressor height sights so that if for whatever reason your red dot isn’t working or the battery dies at the worst time, the suppressor height sights allow you to use them through the window of your Micro red dot and allow you to co-witness with your micro red dot.

Can’t see in the dark like 100 percent of the population and want a light on your home defense gun, the 509 Tactical comes with a rail for you to mount a light, but my absolute favorite part of the FN 509 Tactical, is the absolute glorious 24 round magazines.

From a handgun home defense standpoint, the FN 509 Tactical literally does it all.

Reason Number Two: The FN 509 Midsize MRD

The FN 509 Midsize is what I like to call the perfect bag gun. The FN 509 Tactical fully decked out, runs the risk of being too big and being a snag monster.

The Compact runs the risk of being too small, so instead of drawing the gun from a bag, you find yourself fishing for the gun in your bad.

The Midsize however is big enough to easily find in a bag, but small enough to not only fit in smaller pockets but to draw from a bag without it snagging on everything.

The Beautiful thing about the FN 509 Midsize is that it’s also small enough that if you wanted to carry it on your body you can do it with relative ease and if you must, it too has the ability to mount a micro red dot.

Reason Number Three: The FN 509 Compact Tactical

The FN 509 Compact Tactical has become one of my go-to travel guns, especially if I’m traveling for an extended period of time. When I’m carrying, I’ll pop in the 10 or 12 round magazine.

When I get to my hotel, I’ll put in the 24 round magazine, put on my suppressor, and just like that I have a compact home defense handgun setup. Because it’s compact, the gun leaves enough space for any accessories like a suppressor, extra mags, light, etc.

Reason Number Four: The FN 509 Compact

With a standard capacity of 12 rounds, there are smaller guns with the same capacity. However, what you get with the FN 509 Compact that you don’t get with other smaller guns with the same round count is shoot-ability.

There is a comfort level with the FN 509 Compact taking shots at further distances that you just don’t get with the smaller guns, though they have the same capacity. I absolutely love these new super small high capacity guns that are taking over the market.

But, I’ll admit they may be verging on the edge of being almost too small. There is something to be said about being able to get a good purchase on the handle of the gun when you go to draw and you really only get that with bigger guns.

The FN 509 Compact walks a very fine line of being just big enough to get a good confident purchase on the gun when you go to draw as well as shooting more like a full-size gun than smaller size guns. While also being small enough that you can conceal it with ease. It won’t disappear like the smaller guns but it gets damn close.

Reason Number 5: You Just Have To Have an FN

Look, the FN FNX Series and The FN 503 series are good in their own right, Hell, I think the Fnx 45 tactical is one of the best handguns chambered in 45, but if I’m going, to be honest, when it comes to their guns chambered in 9mm they don’t hold a candle to the 509 series.

So if you just have to have an FN or you just want another gun and you’re looking at FN, you’d be nutty not to pick a gun from their 509 series of pistols.

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