Gun fail: Cop accidentally shoots himself while testing 38-caliber handgun

An American police officer has sued a sporting goods store, Barren Sports in Kentucky, after he injured his hand while testing a gun. An attourney for the officer …

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  1. Wow now this is entirely the fault of the store and the employee but that cop really should have been more careful he made several mistakes that one should never make with any firearm ever lol two idiots dont make a genius granted one would fully expect a gun in a gun store to be unloaded

  2. The guy should be arrested. He didn't told the police man that it was loaded and why would they have guns loaded. Hell no I don't want to go in a store like that because maybe a robbery happens taks guns and one shoots it then they know there loaded and yeah they might shoot all over the store.

  3. On the one hand I'm like who TF is handing over loaded guns in the store… But then also you're a law enforcement officer with many gun safety classes you have to take….. So why would you check

  4. By far some of the worst muzzle discipline I've ever seen. The officer is just as stupid as the owner that handed him a loaded gun.

  5. What kind of gun store keeps the guns loaded in the case? and Secondly, always assume every gun is loaded, and that guns can magically reload themselves.

  6. Amazing how many rules of gun safety this officer fails. Almost makes you wonder how he passed any training to become a cop.