Forcing Hickok to review Guns he's uncomfortable with…

Hahahaha, had so much fun with Uncle Hickok. Go give him a sub! Demolition Ranch Tees here! Comes with a free hug if I …

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  1. Apperantly God likes guns. I been praying for this to happen and have not spoken a word…. And looky hear 2 of the best together…. 😭😭😭😁😁😁

  2. Oh dickcock45. If you only knew how many dumbass conservatives shove 1911s up their ass as they cum onto pictures of Donny Dump. It’s sad. I just hate that you’re one of them because you’re actually likeable.

  3. I love this video. My dad watches Hickok videos and i watch demo ranch. So this lets us actually watch a youtube video we both enjoy a lot